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Who We Are

The Stolen Generations Council of NSW & ACT (the SGC) was formed in 2009 from an acknowledgement that there was no peak body in NSW & ACT to represent the interests of members of the Stolen Generations in NSW and ACT. It was formed by former residents of Government and non Government Aboriginal training institutions (the “Homes”). Whilst Link-Up NSW was able to work with some members on their journey home it was decided that we needed a political voice to represent the former residents of the “Homes”  to lobby for much needed services, offer advice/support and seek reparation for damages done.

The SGC also supports descendants of the original residents of the “Homes” – acknowledging that damage has been transferred intergenerationally.

Please continue to visit other sections of our website to enhance your knowledge of who we are. If you wish to become a member or supporter of the SGC there are various categories of membership available (including membership for non-Aboriginal people who are supportive of our aims). Please phone our free call number 1800 263 881.

We welcome donations and financial support from individuals and organisations, and all donations are tax deductible.

To find out more about who the Stolen Generations are visit “Stolen Generations’ History”. 

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